Tuesday, 21 August 2012

10 days away at Cyprus

1. Play suit - Primark
2. Bralet - Topshop, Maxi skirt - LOVE

1. vest top - Newlook, Skirt - Ebay
2. Shirt - topshop, Shorts - New look

1. Tshirt - River island (diy), Shorts - primrk (diy)
2. Play-suit - George ASDA

1. Dress - H&M
2. Mums wardrobe!

Play-suit - George ASDA
These pictures are pretty low quality and were last minute snaps by either my little sister or best friend. (Does anyone else feel silly saying that?) I only took pictures of my evening outfits because the days pretty much consisted of being half naked walking around or in the pool/beach, was way to hot, I'm definitely not a sun worshipper! As you can probably tell I pair everything with a pair of my vans, I'm pretty sure my mum was glad she brought me my white ones now! I think their is only 1 outfit their that I didn't, this is mainly because one of my feet swell in the heat and makes it difficult to find and wear comfy shoes.

For some reason, I don't know about anyone else?, but I feel much more confident with wearing and trying pieces of clothing abroad rather then home! I'd been looking for a maxi skirt for ages, I'm 5ft1 so it's really hard to find ones to fit in the length, so when I saw this one on inlovewithfashion.com on sale from £32 to £19, I fell instantly in love and knew I HAD to have it!
I was also trying out a coral/red lipstick, I acquired from Superdrug days before I went. I really love the whole lipstick look and it gives that subtle lift to any outfit and have been wanting to try it for a few months but I never really had the confidence to try it out until then! I have to admit I adore and can't wait to get more variety of colours!

That one holiday song!

I've been listening to each artist for around a year now, mainly Orla Gartland and Hudson Taylor. (Gutted I can't see them tomorrow!) I saw this video just days before going on holiday and knew I had to get it on my Ipod as soon as possible and then proceeded to listen to every time my Ipod came on, I've always liked this song and this version is just great! I'd recommend everyone to listen to them!

Courtney x

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