Wednesday, 12 September 2012

OOTD - Back to college!

Today I went back to do the last year of college in a course I'm not enjoying! However we were on a trip in the New Forest national park, which I suppose isn't a bad first day back at all now is it? The weather, as most of you know, is so unpredictable at the moment so I was a bit clueless as what to wear. So of course I chose my well loved peace leggings and purple shirt/tshirt (The buttons don't go all the way down?) and my leather jacket, rather be too warm then not warm enough I say. I don't know what happened to the first picture but it's the only one that is closest to the true colour of the shirt that for some reason didn't photograph well!

I did say I was going to do a whole post dedicated to this bracelet/arm cuff but I couldn't wait to show everyone, I think it's pretty gorgeous!

Courtney x

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

OTTD - One of the great treasures of England

Skater dress -H&M
Brogues - Matalan

Today was my last day of freedom before college starts tomorrow so I felt I had to actually get dressed and actually go out! So my nan and I went to Arundel Castle, I do wish I had a picture outside of the castle it was breathtaking really. I chose to wear this dress, which is patterned with daisies/flowers, I absolutely adore it although I wish I did wear my knitted jumper, rather then my leather jacket, it was a lot colder then it looked!

On a side note, I did buy a cute hand crafted bangle/cuff which I hope to wear as an upper arm cuff and will probably feature on here soon. If you follow my twitter @CourtneeeyJ then you'll know I've been searching for a cheapish oversized denim jacket everywhere, to customise, and it finally arrived today! Although the arms are far to wide and long, so if anyone knows how to sort that out at all?

Courtney x

Saturday, 8 September 2012

OOTD - Daisy daisy give me your answer do!

Check out my nose stud ;)

I finally got around to taking photographs of another outfit, I've either not been going out or not having the time to take one. As you can probably tell I'm taking pictures in different locations to see which is best and we are now currently in my front room.  Hey pictures of my sister. So if you have any advice or what you think is the best just let me know!:)
Today I went to Milestones in Basingstoke, which is a museum all about the Victorian street/shops and life, history is my thing! As everyone who lives in the South East and I'm pretty sure the rest of the country we're having a bit of a late mini summer and thought I'd finally get my legs out in our homeland. 

I chose to wear a floral, I'm pretty sure there daisies swaying in the wind or something, jumpsuit I got from Primark, not to sure of the price, and my white converse and little ankle socks which you can't really see. It's a really light fabric and so so comfy, it has featured on my blog before here while  I was in Cyprus but this really is a much closer look. 

While I was taking pictures, I had a little gatecrasher, so here is my brother and I looking smooth. 

Courtney x