Wednesday, 12 September 2012

OOTD - Back to college!

Today I went back to do the last year of college in a course I'm not enjoying! However we were on a trip in the New Forest national park, which I suppose isn't a bad first day back at all now is it? The weather, as most of you know, is so unpredictable at the moment so I was a bit clueless as what to wear. So of course I chose my well loved peace leggings and purple shirt/tshirt (The buttons don't go all the way down?) and my leather jacket, rather be too warm then not warm enough I say. I don't know what happened to the first picture but it's the only one that is closest to the true colour of the shirt that for some reason didn't photograph well!

I did say I was going to do a whole post dedicated to this bracelet/arm cuff but I couldn't wait to show everyone, I think it's pretty gorgeous!

Courtney x

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