Tuesday, 23 October 2012

OOTD - "Do you think people will laugh at you because you're wearing your knickers?"

Tshirt - Me&Yu
Velvet shorts - Ebay (little DIY)
These pictures do no justice to both the shorts and tshirt, maybe I should get up a little earlier in the mornings to take a few pictures for decent lighting and hair? But I do like lying in bed, woman problems and all.

This T-shirt was featured on my blog previously in a I wish post here it came only yesterday and I really love oversized t-shirts at the moment as it's puts that extra comfort to a casual outfit. It has 4 unicorns on it and where it's tucked in it says 'The four unicorns of the apocalypse' and I was torn between this and another to buy so when in doubt and flip a coin and this is what I ended up. It did turn out to be a little on the big side but who can turn down an oversized t-shirt?

I've been looking for a pair of velvet shorts for a while now but the only ones I could find where 'knicker shorts' however I refuse to have my bum cheeks out! So when I found these and at pretty reasonable price I had to snap them up, I even added a little black lace around the bottom although you can't really see it. How comfortable are they though?! On reflection I would probably wear a lighter pair of tights or a different colour to show them off a bit, it really does look like I have nothing on or as my little brother says "my knickers." Ahh well I adore them!

Courtney x


  1. Velvet shorts?! Yum.

  2. Ignore your brother - you look incred.