Monday, 1 October 2012

OOTD - The hungry lion roars and the wolf behowls the moon

Top: Oldie
Skirt: Primark

Could we take the time to appreciate this top I have recently re-discovered, I completely forgot I had it and it's just been hidden at the back of my draws for sometime now! I adore wolves and have about 3 dream catchers (another love of mine) with a wolf incorporated into  it, they're just so majestic and I'm completely in awe of them. It's quite a pale design and not all that noticeable, so I was pretty ecstatic when it showed up on camera much better then I thought it would.

My skirt however, is a different story, I don't think it's captured how it looks on at all; here I think it's quite frumpy and un-flattering, whereas in person it's flowey and adds that feminine factor. Maybe it's because I can't seem to stand without looking awkward, probably.

You can definitely tell I have had my hair done here, unlike the previous photos and it shows the ombre effect much clearer; I adore it my hair has life again, it looks thicker and has more oomph. Apparently though you are supposed to dye your hair darker for autumn and winter? ah well. I also wore my lipstick today, although I took these pictures later on in the day and it's the sad remains. The lipstick, however, is 08 Tuscan  Red from the MeMeMe collection in Superdrug, it's a gorgeous colour and seems to transform my face, in a good way!

Courtney x

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