Monday, 29 October 2012

OOTD - leather, studs and unicorns.

Tshirt -Me&Yu
Pleather skirt - ebay
I've had my eye on a 'pleather' skirt for a while now, but was unsure weather to go for it, so when I saw this one on Ebay here for only £12 I decided I had to get it. I was definitely unsure about buying a faux leather skirt offline because you never know if it's going to look cheap or tacky, I'm glad I got it though it's good quality and isn't too shiny at all!

I paired it with my newish top (is it still classed as  new after I've shown it on here? hmm) to keep it casual and simple because it's definitely a statement piece which can be worn for any occasion. I'm thinking of doing a 'How to style' post with this skirt? What do you think?

If you follow me on Twitter you may have seen that I've been thinking about wrapping my hair and I finally got round to doing it, it was a lot easier and more time consuming then I expected, but I think I'll definitely be doing it again.

Here have a bit of Mcfly's new song Love is easy. They are my guilty pleasure, although I feel no guilt in loving them! Did anyone see them on Surprise Surprise last night, how perfect were they?!

Courtney x

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