Tuesday, 20 November 2012

How I style...

The Leather Skirt!

1. 2. 3. 4.
Warning it's pretty wordy!
I've never done one of these posts before, but have been thinking about it so here goes and I've finally got a bit of spare time. I admit it's rushed I was trying to get it done before the camera died and I've simply misplaced the charger, sigh. 

I know leather (or fake if your cheap or poor like me) has become increasingly popular over the last few months especially the skirt; so I thought I'd show everyone how I would style mine for inspiration I suppose to those who don't know whether to get one. The good thing about the leather skirt is it's a simple piece often black and plain, so just as easy to pair with certain things as any other skirt, but I think that it's a "leather skirt" makes it all the more daunting to wear. 

1 is something I would probably wear out to a meal or party, I paired the skirt with my Motelrocks purple Gothic body suit. Although it's cold out it's easy to throw something over the top that doesn't take away from the dressiness (is that a word?) of the outfit. I'm actually going to a party this weekend and it's a toss up between this skirt and my disco pants with this bodysuit, who knows?

2. This time round I paired it with my plain denim shirt, brought from H&M earlier this year I think, I actually saw a similar outfit from a youtube video and can't believe I didn't think of it before. I think it's the ideal outfit, with a pair of tights and knitted cardigan over the top, for winter to keep you all warm and toasty, keeping it simple as the leather skirt really talks for itself. 

3. This is actually a photo from a previous post here, I wanted to show how you could pair it with an oversized top to keep it slouchy and to show how versatile it really is.

4. This is definitely for the colder days, a knitted Christmas jumper with a plain shirt underneath, a pair of tights and your winter coat and your good to go. A lot of my jumpers are longer at the back, which last year really bugged me but this year I think their perfect and I really like the tucked in at the front and long at the back effect. It's like a mullet "Business in the front and a party in the back" well that sends me back to the Hannah Montana days!

Hmm hope it helps in anyway, send me a comment if you think I should make this a more regular thing or? 

Courtney x


  1. This is such a great idea for a post! Love the leather skirt, I've been meaning to get my hands on one like this for ages! Maybe for christmas...

    Great blog, we're new followers :)


    1. You definitely should this was so cheap too, only £11 on ebay!


  2. Super cute post dear! Love your style! <3