Monday, 5 November 2012

OOTD - “Nothing burns like the cold.”

Jumper - primark oldie
velvet shorts- Ebay
belt - Primark
 I admit I've been struggling with the sudden cold, I know no other person who feels the cold as easily as I do and dressing to keep warm, while looking half decent! When it gets cold I usual grab a numerous amount of clothes, bung them on and hope for the best, but I'm determined this year.

I chose my velvet shorts which I have worn previously and posted but you can appreciate the velvet here and my Primark belt which I just realised the little square/triangle things move round to the middle. I paired it with the usual shirt and jumper combo, I brought this jumper last year and may have worn it only once because it was too tight round the boob area, is itchy and is cropped. I was actually going to throw it out, when I recently sorted out my clothes, but something made me keep it and I'm quite glad I did, it is your typical ugly jumper but I'm much more confident with my outfits then I was this time last year.

So I've been searching for the perfect winter coat and have came across the tweed car coat, which is blazer styled, but I'm a bit unsure whether it'll be warm enough for the winter months. So if anyone has one maybe you could let me know, would be great! :)

Courtney x 

Ps. I'm thinking about getting a full fringe, what do you guys think?

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  1. I love a lazy day, and i also love a fringe.
    Ive nominated you for a Liebester Award, check it out here