Monday, 31 December 2012

Memorable moments of 2012 - Lots of pictures

Walking with Wolves





Mcfly concert

Christmas and Boxing day

The siblings

My little old Roxie dog

Like most other bloggers, I'm doing a little post to sum up my 2012. Each picture has really made up my year and what I've really enjoyed: My holidays, special trips and vists, holidays and just random moments!
I think I've achieved quite a bit this year, I've started my blog, realised what I want to do in the future, just need to get that moving and got a little more comfortable and confident with myself. Overall it's been a really good year and hopefully next year will all go right and be even better! 

Courtney x

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

OOTD - Boxing day tea

Yo Santa! 

Like last year we decided we'd have everyone round for Boxing day tea and thought I'd make a little effort, everything but the tights are all what I got for Christmas gave into the rip off litas. I don't wear heals ever; I actually think this is the first but I love them so much and cant justify the 100+ for something I wont wear. 
This is also the first time I've worn a crop top, I've never felt comfortable with my body and still not 100% but I actually feel really comfortable in this, maybe because I'm not leaving the house?

Hope everyone is having a good Christmas 
Courtney x 

Tuesday, 25 December 2012


Oh hey there Roxie dogs bottom
Sadly it's nearly the end of Christmas day, I'm a little gutted actually! But it's been a really good day so can't complain. I being the un-organised child I am forgot to take a picture of my outfit, all Christmas presents, before going off too my dads, baring in mind we all got up at half 4 this morning. (I'm really feeling it now) So here's too taking rushed poor quality pictures before any guests come up the stairs.

I fell in love with these trousers as soon as I saw them and they have like velvet felt black dog tooth pattern so they feel lurvely! I was going to wear it with a black crop top, but then I thought of the food baby and that my friends wouldn't be a good look.

I hope everyone's had and is having a really good Christmas  and it carries onto tomorrow, boxing day is like another Christmas minus the presents in our house so I get to hang onto Christmas for just one more day! sigh. I hope you all got the presents you wanted :}

So I'm pretty sure I mentioned in an earlier post that I was going to start doing my hauls in video format and was thinking about doing a 'Christmas presents' type one but now I'm a little unsure whether this is going to go down well with people, does it make it look like I'm bragging about what I got? Tell me what you think?

Courtney x 

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Childhood Christmases.

So the last month I've been teaching my 4 year old brother the wonder of Christmas of songs and we have these two down to a T! Now it's all he's been singing along with a 'Santa got stuck up the chimney' and a few others he learnt at school, it's pretty cute. I admit 'Santa Clause is coming to town' is probably my all time favourite Christmas song still but then again I still excited for Christmas as if I was 7 years old. Santa Clause is obviously real right?

So the last few days after finishing college have been pretty manic, I've wrapped nearly every present my mum needed wrapping, we've been doing the last few Christmas pieces and today we're getting the house ready for tomorrow and Christmas. Only 2 days left! I've been thinking of posts to do over Christmas I have a few ideas, does that make me a dedicated blogger or does it make me sound boring, hmm? 

Courtney x 

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

OOTD - I'll tell you how I become the prince of a town call Bel-Air

I managed to get up early enough Tuesday morning to have a spare 5 minutes to take pictures before I left. I think this tshirt now vest has shown up briefly on my Cyprus outfits post, I'm quite surprised I haven't worn it actually. I'm a massive fan of Fresh Prince of Bel Air, so when I saw it in the men section of river island, I made it mine; even if it's a large mens and comes mid thigh. I did cut of the arms, which is probably why I haven't worn it with it being cold and all. 

Has anyone else noticed how it's a little warmer then it usually is around this time? or is it just me?

6 days
Courtney x