Sunday, 23 December 2012

Childhood Christmases.

So the last month I've been teaching my 4 year old brother the wonder of Christmas of songs and we have these two down to a T! Now it's all he's been singing along with a 'Santa got stuck up the chimney' and a few others he learnt at school, it's pretty cute. I admit 'Santa Clause is coming to town' is probably my all time favourite Christmas song still but then again I still excited for Christmas as if I was 7 years old. Santa Clause is obviously real right?

So the last few days after finishing college have been pretty manic, I've wrapped nearly every present my mum needed wrapping, we've been doing the last few Christmas pieces and today we're getting the house ready for tomorrow and Christmas. Only 2 days left! I've been thinking of posts to do over Christmas I have a few ideas, does that make me a dedicated blogger or does it make me sound boring, hmm? 

Courtney x 

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