Monday, 21 January 2013

OOTD - No, not a denim pinafore?!

I've been on the lookout for a pinafore dress for a while now and the few I found didn't catch my eye and then sitting in Topshop was this beauty. Not only is it a pinafore but it's a bloody denim one, what more could a girl as for?! I did actually spot this on one of FashionRocksMySocks YouTube videos, you should all check her out by the way, but didn't expect it to be in the local Topshop. I adore it and it may be one of my favourite pieces I own!

As its like -123406 degrees (or it feels like it) out there I've been dressed up in millions of layers, slightly resembling the abominable snowman. But Monday has come around and I'm sick of the snow worrying about falling over on the bloody ice and i just wanted to dress normally again! So I paired it with two pairs of tights, of course, a pair of laced ankle socks from Topshop, a white shirt and my recently brought Topshop jumper and was surprisingly toasty warm. Thankgod for my coat and Primarks super cost tights!

Courtney x

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