Friday, 22 February 2013

OOTD - The evil eye, flatforms and a chunky chain!

So I've only gone and misplaced my camera meaning photos from the iPad, although I shall admit I do quite like this photo booth effect AND I still have no Internet at home! Last weekend I was in London trailing the tubes to the History museum and looking for food, I could people watch all day in London; just sat there in an outside seat of a cafe and writing down my observations. Simple things. This week I've done literally nothing but read or when i do get chance to go on internet, i'm catching up on blogs and youtube videos and my hairdresser is not getting back to me; my hair needs cutting man!

I got this dress from another bloggers sale, ( I can't seem to link on the iPad) it's just a jersey material with those long arm holes with a print of the Evil eye on it, I've been looking for a dress that's just comfortable and easy to throw on when I do or don't really want to make an effort. It's perfect. I just paired it with my Flatform high tops, my chunky gold chain, my bowler hat and a cardigan to get some warmth! The temperature has dropped right down again, shouldn't have got my hopes up!


Courtney x

Monday, 11 February 2013

OOTD - The midi skirt!

Just before Christmas this skirt was a craze and I'm pretty sure it still will be over the next year, I really liked it on everyone else but thought at 5ft it would just look odd! But when I was choosing my Christmas presents from a member of the family and saw this one in the petite section of Topshop I couldn't resist getting it and this is the first time I've worn it.

Although it took me ages to get round to wearing it, I'm glad I brought it; However I did have to do a few last minute changes on my outfit. I was wearing it without tights and with my white converse, using the logic 'well I'm going to be inside most of the time' but then looked outside it was snowing and decided it would just look odd causing the covered legs and black vans because it's snowing and that just ruins the fun!

Friday, 1 February 2013

January favourites!

These posts are more often then not done in a video, but I'm not a YouTuber, they are also more likely beauty based with the odd bit of clothing. But I thought why not I can broaden the horizons a little and share the things I've really been enjoying this week! With the Internet being down at home, I've been blagging Internet from as many relatives as possible and blogging when I can, but the blogger app isn't really up to scratch; the pictures being below is not okay! So hopefully it's not to bad.

These are the few things I've really been wearing/listening/reading a lot this month and most will probably enjoy for a lot of the months to come. I've read both Keith Lemon and Mcfly this month and the really enjoyed both of them! I'ma big fan of both so reading about them was really eye opening, well more Mcfly as its them and not a character and if possible I'm even more excited about seeing Mcfly again in a couple of months!

I don't think my bowler left my head until the snow came and it just became too rainy and windy and the Kate Moss perfume is such a lovely smell and would definitely recommend it! I'm loving the 90s look at the moment and really looking forward to spring/summer, but especially the gold jewellery and I've paired my chain with a lot of clothing especially the jumper featured below! The two items of clothing have already been featured before and goes into a bit more detailed, because this is definitely getting a little wordy now!

Courtney x