Sunday, 31 March 2013

Making those down days better!

This is a little something different and got the sudden burst of inspiration for it last night half 10 (which is when I wrote it) and funnily enough having a down day! Now I don't know about anyone else but when I feel rubbish, I just want to sit on the sofa with my quilt acting and feeling sorry for myself. Now I'm pretty sure I'm not the only girl or boy (let's not discriminate people) having down days whether because of mother nature (you all know what I mean, talk about tmi) or any other reason, so I thought why not write how I try to cheer myself up!

1. Make an effort with your appearance!
I know how easy it is to sit there, in your pyjamas, but dressing in your favourite outfit or doing your hair and make up helps lift your mood; It just gives you that little bit of self confidence you're lacking! (you've you got to fake it to make it;))

2. Your favourite foods and drinks!
I will freely admit I'm happiest when I'm eating either chips, chocolate cake or mini eggs and drinking Dr Pepper and will eat loads when I'm feeling blah. So why not eat the things your supposed to feel "guilty" about eating, who cares about that silly diet your on, junk food is where it is at!

3. Listen to your favourite songs and artists!
Most people say sad songs make you feel better, I don't get that In fact it makes me a whole lot more depressed, listen to those cheesy but always make your smile songs on full blast. Forget the neighbours, who needs them? For me I'll be blaring out Mcfly or The Arctic Monkeys!

4. Watch your favourite comedy films or tv programs!
Now I hate crying but if I need to I will watch Marley and Me so I have that excuse and then will watching something that has me crying with laughter, hey New Girl, How I met your mother and just go with it! OR watch something with Channing Tatum in it, how can he not make you feel better?!

Now its probably only me with this one, but they instantly cheer me up. How are animal puns not funny?! Simple things!

6. Buy yourself something pretty!
For hours I can search the Internet bookmarking dresses/shoes/bags ,well everything, and I always feel great when I've placed an order and I know I have something coming my way AND you don't have to even leave the house, what is this sorcery?!

Dress - Topshop 

Courtney x

Friday, 22 March 2013

"Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance"

Finally I've posted an outfit, I think it's been nearly a month, which is crazy! But I have had no camera and had a seriously lack of clothing inspiration, i blame the weather, but I've got a few new pieces recently, some still in the post that I'm excited to wear.

I got this top from Boohoo in the menswear in small and it's actually the perfect size for a slightly oversized top and it ticks the metaphoric monochrome box. I don't know about anyone else but i think women's choice in tops at the moment are rubbish, crop tops are all good if it wasn't still freezing out there, right?! That and the men's section always has a better selection with printed shirts! I just paired it with my velvet shorts and was good to go.

I've also had that hair cut I've been moaning about having since Christmas and have now earned the nickname swifty after Taylor Swift but I do love it. Oh and how cute is my little hair bow people?! I've seen it on other people and never been brave enough or thought my hair was too short or too thin to do it, but it's all small and makes me go aww. I definitely think I'm going to do it more often, funny looks or not!

Courtney x

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

25 things about me!

I'm doing it. I'm jumping on the band wagon of useless facts about me, which you cant do anything with. However I have yet to do a post with any information about me and it will give you a little insight in all things Courtney and I'm nosy and like reading others! I was going to do 50 facts but then decided that would be too many to read. (or I cant think of that many)

  1. I was once able to sit on my hair
  2. I have 11 stitches in the back of my head from being run over when I was in my first year of school. (on the pavement no less, only me!)
  3. I've read each Harry Potter book at least 9 times and some even more!
  4. I was a tracksuit bottom and football boot wearing child. (My mum chose my outfits till like year 7, cringe)
  5. I can eat chips for breakfast, lunch and dinner!
  6. I can only have ketchup with certain chips from certain places and I cant stand to have it on its own, not even the tiny bit that lands on your thumb!
  7. I had no detentions at all through my school life. 
  8. If you asked me what I wanted to be when I was child I would have said a spy (still holding on)
  9. I still have school books way back from my first school.
  10. I used to be in all my junior school school productions, but now that is my idea of hell.
  11. public speaking (this could just be in class) is my worst nightmare!
  12. I don't like the dark or spiders
  13. I'm ridiculously low maintenance and laid back. (or just lazy)
  14. It's only been over the last two years that I've cared about my appearance and started to wear make up. 
  15. I abhor the colour pink, I was determined to lose the dumb blonde/barbie stereotype from a young age!
  16. I have Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Pintrest and Instagram. (I like social networking apparently)
  17. I may be a little addicted to the internet
  18. I read ridiculously fast and I'm always reading something online or not
  19. I've worn heels once in my life (New Years just gone) my shoes consist of trainers. 
  20. I've had a fascination with crystals/stones, fairies and Angels from a young age. 
  21. Dr Pepper is my favourite drink and I think I've had it nearly everyday for four years.
  22. I love old songs, Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley, to name a couple.
  23. I don't watch films that are scary, (I'm a wimp) that will make me cry or have love triangles. 
  24. Taken is one of my favourite films (I cant decide on one)
  25. And the joke that doesn't fail to amuse me is:
    What did the grape say when it got stepped on? Nothing it let out a little whine. 
Courtney x

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Fundraising at college!

So as you probably know by now, probably because of my moaning, I do Animal Management at college as one of our projects we have to do a fundraising activity. Now I don't know about anyone else but I couldn't think of anything worse then sitting at stall and trying to get people to buy these cakes or walking around in a onside, so we wanted to do a little something different!

A friend of mine does a lot of photography and takes some brilliant pictures, check her out at Amy Wilton Photography on Facebook, and suggested we do a pet photo competition in aid of Scruples Whippet Rescue. A lot of work went into it with websites, posters, Facebook pages, terms and conditions and emailing all types of people but finally it is up and running!

Scruples is a small and pretty unheard of charity but that doesn't mean they do any less for dogs, although they only specify in Whippets or Whippet types doesn't take away from how many dogs lives they have made better and deserve to be a little more publicly known! Check them out at

It would be so lovely and would mean so much if you could check it out and maybe enter and possibly spread the word. For how to enter and any other information on our prizes, Nikon were so generous, go to and check out and like our Facebook page

Love Courtney

Ps. The Blogger app doesn't let me link so hopefully this all okay!