Wednesday, 5 June 2013

New hair!



I've only ever been blonde and last year was the first time I've ever dyed my hair with temporary purple dip dye, then highlights and bleach blonde ends, so changing all my hair a whole new colour was something drastic for me and god did I fret about it! I'm one of those that if I something goes wrong with my hair, you'll find me having a strop and declaring that I would never be leaving the house again, so all sorts was going through my head the moments and up to weeks before. I was actually more nervous getting my this done then I was my tattoo. 

But it payed off and I loved it from the get go! Even my brother liked it, which was a surprise after he told me off and told me that he'd throw me out of the house and would never speak to me again after just bringing it up, the drama queen. It actually adds colour to my cheeks and my hair just feels and looks a whole lot healthier. 

So I'm one happy girly over here!

Courtney x

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