Tuesday, 30 July 2013

My first video - holiday haul

For a while now I have been thinking about entering the vlogging world, mainly because certain post, in my opinion, look better in video format for example hauls and tags and because I love watching them some of my favourite blogger are mainly on youtube. I had filmed a video a while back but nothing seemed to go right and I couldn't get it onto youtube or my blog and for a minute I didn't think this one was either. 

So I bit the bullet and thought I'd would make a video of bits and pieces I got for my holiday Thursday  I thought it was quite fitting that I would do my first video based around my holiday as my first ever blogpost was too. I wasn't sure about putting a video straight onto youtube and I'm still unsure now., only because it's a lot more public then my little blog and it just seems a whole lot scarier. 

without further ado: 
What an attractive face you are pulling there!

If you could leave a comment below about what you thought of the video, tips and whether you think I should do more, that would be lovely! 

Courtney x

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