Monday, 1 July 2013

OOTD - A working woman.

Dress - charity shop
Shoes - Matalan (old)
So I've just realised my legs just blend in with the sofa behind me but I love this outfit so much I can't not show it! I love this dress it's the perfect length, the style is perfect and it fits lovely, it's definitely a feel good outfit. I completely forgot I had these shoes in my wardrobe, I think I wore them back in one of my first OOTD and then completely forgot about them since, there comfortable and quite manly just how I like them.

You may have seen on a few of my tweets if you follow me  about volunteering in a charity shop on Monday afternoons and today was my first day and I've literally just finished. Seeing as there are few jobs out there and I have little to no experience in anything I thought that volunteering would help build my confidence, my (lack of) people skills and experience and I've quite enjoyed the day even if my feet are killing me):

Does anyone else volunteer anywhere?

Courtney x

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