Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Lanzarote - a picture heavy post!

So like the bad blogger I am, I've only just put up a few of my Lanzarote pictures, almost 2/3 weeks after my holiday? I think. Lanzarote is a beautiful place, which I honestly didn't think it was going to be before I went, some of the views are just breathtaking and the pictures I got just don't do them justice what so ever!

Finding out there were crocodiles that were larger then a bottle, which is all I've ever seen here, in a zoo probably made my holiday. I heart crocodiles! It's crazy the lack of fencing they have around them although you yourself are above them the only fencing they have were two wooden panels which you could have easily climbed over or through. Unlike at home where there would probably be electric fencing and netting all around. 

If I could have been anything in the world, I would have been a spy, a mermaid, a fairy or an american indian; I just have some odd fascination with them and their beliefs and culture and things. So it's no surprise that Texas Rancho a cowboy and Indian ranch themed zoo place, was probably my favourite day and night of the holiday. If you go I'd definitely recommend going for the day and night, if possible!

Like true blogger style I need a picture of my heart ice cubes, right?

Lanzarote national park and devil sign

It's literally this volcanic rock and ash for miles across the park and I was unable to capture just how amazing and eerie it feels driving through the park. Also note slightly terrifying when you're on a double decker coach and the roads are as wide as the coach itself and some of the rock on both side leaning over the road!

Who can spot the monkey?!

One of our destinations was Jameos Del Agua, which was originally a  hotel designed by Cesar Manrique a famous architect, for a selective view. It was then ceased a few years ago by the government and turned in a public gallery of sorts in which you were able to walk through connecting caves at the base of a volcano.  

It is home to blind albino craps which are about a cm in size and are normally only found at the bottom of the ocean, however this is one of the few places they are found both at the surface and bottom of the pool. 

Courtney x 


  1. Amazing pictures. I wanna go!
    Adela x


  2. Awesome photos! Looks like you had an amazing holiday!
    Lydia Rose

  3. Thankyou, can you believe half of them were along on my iPhone?! It's a lovely place :)x