Wednesday, 4 September 2013

OOTD - Can you believe it September?!

Tshirt - Primark
Shorts - Matalan
Chain - H&M
Midi Rings - H&M
Does anyone else think I look a little out of it in the first picture? I'm first going to do the typical British blogger thing and comment on the weather, how hot has it been the last few days?!?! I don't even like the heat, sigh. 

This is the first time I've kind of done a sport luxe outfit, I've never been confident enough to think I've got it right to wear out in public. I actually got inspiration for this outfit when I get out of the bath and through these on with my pyjama top and really liked the look, I found my oversized tees and felt this one would look best and I decided I really liked it. Although I think a white top would look better. I just dressed it up with my chunky gold chain and midi rings and sticking to the sport theme with my converse. 

Courtney x


  1. I really like this outfit courtney :) xx

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