Friday, 11 October 2013

My college week: 4

I only had a day and a half at college today because of open evenings! 

One of my projects at college is "make do and mend" where we are turning one item of clothing into something else. I'm attempting to turn an oversized Tshirt into a tulip type pencil skirt! 

We also took part in open evening so I finished my Tshirt putting my design on it to wear for the fashion show.
The fashion show, what can I say about that, it was horrible! I had to get my hair and make up done in punk/hippy theme, the girl who did it was crap and then I had to stroll down a cat walk modelling my short with people staring at me. My worst nightmare! 

Wednesday we gained a new member of the family, a new cousin, little baby Joseph! 

Courtney x

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