Saturday, 26 October 2013

My college week: 6

I've almost finished my skirt, it was originally an oversized top and I'm actually really happy with the way it came out apart from a few alterations that need to be gone over! Not bad for someone who changed their item of clothing and idea in the middle of the project! 

We also started the 2nd phase of our clutch bag construction, which I'm really excited about and can't wait to see the final product and be able to make my on at home! 

The DVD with a hole in? Yeah that's the makings of a pin hole camera. I have actually finished it but I have yet to use it to see how efficient it is! 

A lot of work is sketch book stuff as Tara what most of our grading will be on, so most of my week at college and even sometimes at the weekend is finishing off pages or artist and designer research. Sketchbooks will be the death of me before the two years is up, let me tell you! 

Thank god we have a week off! 

Courtney x

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  1. The skirt looks great! Enjoy your week off!