Tuesday, 26 November 2013

LUSH - Colour Supplement Review

Animal testing free product - part 2a

You may have seen my previous post about animal  testing free  products for those who didn't it was a post about companies that do and don't animal test to try and raise awareness. I mentioned at the bottom about reviewing products that I know don't test on animals, to help you guys out because I found out little information or reviews on these type of beauty items. I wasn't sure how I was going to lay it out. I wanted to do something that was easy to read and wasn't rambling hence the creation of Part 2(insert letter) so its one part in several sections over the weeks! understood? I think I made it more complicated then it is. 

I've never been one for wearing make up and foundation wasn't something I wanted to try, so I was on the hunt for something that wasn't as thick but gave good coverage. I popped into LUSH originally for a face mask but came out with a colour supplement instead as well, both have featured on my youtube channel in a haul, which is I guess the lovechild of concealer and BB cream, if you understand that?! 

I got the shade Jackie Oats which is one of the lightest colours depending on your undertone, or something I really have no idea. I'm always forgetting I've applied and its got a good coverage that mutes blemishes although I do still pair mine with concealer! I'd really recommend it to those who don't want to use a foundation to spend that little extra on this lush product, it works so well and you need only the tiniest amount and i still haven't even touched the surface after a couple of months! 

Courtney x 

Monday, 25 November 2013

The #bigblogmasproject

Hey, guys I have some exciting news well what I find exciting, in which I'm taking part in the big blogmas project! I haven't yet done anything like this so I'm excited to give it a try and I lo e Christmas, is there abetted reason?! 

I first saw the Idea on twitter during a blogger chat, you've got to love them, in which Nicole (coleoftheball) mentioned she was organising and if anyone wanted to get involved. Safe to say I was interested and thought I'd do a little introduction post seeing as its the 1st of December on Sunday! Can you believe it?! Where has this year gone?! If you want to check out Nicole's original posts its here  
http://coleoftheballl33.blogspot.co.uk/2013/11/the-bigblogmasproject.html and where you'll find the others who are taking part too! 

So basically I'm blogging everyday in December from the 1st to the 24th I think, Christmassy or your usual posts. I'll have little DIYs, a few videos, my usual OOTDs and a few other bits, so keep your eye out on my Instagram and twitter for hints and links! :)

Instagram: Instagram.com/courtneeeyjr
Twitter: twitter.com/courtneeeyj
Pinterest: Pinterest.com/wondersofdreams 

Christmas is just a month away! 
Courtney x 

Friday, 15 November 2013

OOTD - Dressed in fluff and leather

White shirt - Topshop
Fluffy Jumper - Asos
Leather skirt - River Island
I've been looking for an a-line leather look skirt for so long, but I couldn't seem to find one anywhere; even Ebay failed me, apparently a-line means skater! I don't usually shop at River island but by chance I thought i'd have a quick check online and there it was for only £25, I snapped it up and I'm so glad I did.

I think I'll be sticking to a-line forever now, its ruined me for all other styles. It's so so flattering and I just love it how it looks. It doesn't photograph that well, it's a lot more matte looking then shiny like it appears in the photo and it's slightly too big at the waist but it's expected with my odd shape. I just paired it with my new fluffy jumper which has featured in a post already and a white shirt, it looks smart but easily dressed down with a pair of vans and a parka coat!

Courtney x 

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

OOTD - but I'm a 90s kid!

I've really been into layering things at the moment, I've never really been into it before thinking more of staying warm as possible no matter what I wear! But that shall change! 

I think this outfit is channeling the 90s with a summer dress over the top of a tshirt or a crop top in this case. its definitely a not in your face look but if I just had a scrunchy, it would be spot on. 
I would usually wear my docs or converse with this, but converse do not keep you feet warm and this is my longest day at college and Comfort comes first for me!

Courtney x

OOTD - fluffy jumper love!

Dress - Topshop
Jumper - Asos
Boots - Christmas 

I've been meaning to get a cropped black jumper for ages as its so versatile and will go with everything and perfect for layering! In fact I've planned my outfits for the week the minute I got it, so I could wear as often as possible without being gross! 

I saw this jumper on Asos and with a discount code I wasn't planning on saying no, £28 for £22 is pretty damn good I think. It's actually a lot thinner then I thought it would be compared to my fluffy Primark cardigan, but that doesn't mean it's any less warm.I paired it over the top of my Topshop dress which had appeared on the blog before now, and it just became such a flattering outfit! Who knew you could look nice when layering for winter, I sure didn't?! 

I warn you now you'll be seeing a lot more of this jumper! 

Courtney x

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Animal Testing free products - part one

This post is probably not only wordy but pretty serious too, but I feel its something that needs to be addressed and to raise awareness. Although make up and beauty products has never really been my thing, animals have always been close to my heart. In fact I remember making animal based magazines and writing "articles" on animal testing and poaching, I was a serious child okay?! I guess studying animals for two years has just reinforced my love for them and the things they have to suffer for human advantage! 

Now I've heard of the obvious places like Lush and the Body shop who proudly make aware that their products are free from any animal testing along the line and actively take part in campaigning. But I think their pretty pricey and wanted to find cheaper alternatives! 

I actually searched for other blog posts for any information or recommendations for beauty products that don't test on animals and found very few, in fact searching for any information was pretty difficult anyway. So I thought I'd create a post or a few on what I was looking for after some extensive research and anything I've used in this post are from websites and I'll leave links below. 

Surprisingly, although it probably shouldn't have been, a lot of the "big" highstreet and highend brands test on animals or that their parent company does  and that a lot of my make up products are from these companies. I  even found out a few like Avon were one of the few to stop testing on animals and then started again so they could sale over in China; isn't this essentially forgetting your morals for money?!

I originally wasn't going to name and shame brands but I think it's important to be made aware of what products you may be using that is being tested on animals! Such as: 

  • Avon
  • Clinique
  • Estee Lauder
  • L'Oreal
  • Max Factor
That isn't to say that some companies haven't confirmed or deny there products aren't tested on animals, I thought I would also mention a few: 
  • Benefit
  • Christian Dior 
  • Collection 2000
  • Maybelline
My main issue with not animal tested beauty products were the price, I couldn't and cant afford to change over all my make up, no matter how little it is, to companies such as LUSH and The Body Shop, so it was important for me to find products at a much more affordable price and of good quality! So below are only a few of those that don't test on animals: 
  • Barry M
  • Burts Bees 
  • Superdrugs own brand
  • Look Beauty
  • ELF
I also discovered that some companies claim they don't test on animals but however this isn't always true and reading up on how to spot a company that is essentially lying really educated me so I thought I should share a few tips with you guys as well! Many Companies claim their product isn't tested on animals however there is never anything said about the ingredients included in it aren't as well. They claim they support the development of finding alternatives, is this distracting us from the main question?! 

For more information on more products that do and don't test here are some of the links of what I used!

Hopefully this has helped you in some way and has hopefully converted you. Yes, I am trying to convert you, think of the poor bunnies guys! Look out for a future post on make up products I  recommended, I didn't want to show you guys anything I haven't used and not give you my honest opinion. 

If you're still reading, which I hope you are, well done!  Also if anyone have products they use that they know hasn't been tested on products, let me know! email me at wondersofdreams@gmail.com with a picture of the product and a mini review and your name and blog and I'll add to the post/s to come or just comment below a recommendation that is cool too! 

I also want to highlight that I've found this information on the internet, I'm not saying that they 100% do or don't! Just what I've managed to take form these websites!

Courtney x

can you tell this is something I feel strongly about?!

Saturday, 9 November 2013

What's in my bag? - College Edition

I was ill this week, feel sorry for me?! Which means I didn't go to college or do an OOTD's this week because I sat on my sofa feeling sorry for myself. So hopefully a video of my chatting into a camera about what I take college makes up for the lack of blogging right?!

So without further ado ...  be warned there is some terrible singing in there, just saying!

Courtney x 

Sunday, 3 November 2013

A bid to get organised!

You may or may not know but I have a difficulty with organising! I plan nothing I leave pretty much everything to the last minute basically "I wing it and hope for the best!" this is becoming a life motto of mine. My new years resolution was to get organised and its probably going to be the same for the new year coming as it completely failed. 

So in a bid to organise my blog, college work and my life, I wrote a list of things in which I can do that applies to both my life and blog and I have already started a few things this year, buts it best to start in the new year right? A fresh start and all that? 

  1. Use your phone calender - This is probably the easiest one to store dates and times because it's always with you whether you have a different bag that day or you don't need to carry one at all. It's also the only one that you are able to set reminders on and it will notfiy you the time an day you want it too, never missing due dates or important dates again! Genius right?! You can also get apps that do a similar thing free or at a price!

  2. Buy a diary/planner -  writing everything down is a great way to reinforce important dates, notes, plans to your brain. Well for me it is. Make having a diary something you use everyday of your life writing down not only writing when work is handed and due but social aspects of your life too! Not only that but you can colour code to which is always a plus right?! Also its great for blogging scheduling too, I do wish there were diaries which had blogging sections in, someone get on it please?!

    There are some great designs out there which is great, so you can having matching ones to the rest of your stuff maybe? or mismatched and just designs that you love!

  3. Use a calender or a white/black board - I think almost everyone gets a calender at Christmas right? Mainly because they come with such a variety of themed ones, you can either have your celebrity crush or your favourite animal. However saying that I don't think I ever used one except when I was younger and I wrote my own birthday in it, like I would forget?!

    I think using a white/black board is such a good idea, because they can be anywhere in the house and are easy to jot down reminders and then wipe them off when they are not needed. I'm actually thinking about creating my own blackboard which I can hang in my room, which may be be in a later post.

  4. Get a notebook dedicated to your blog - I found this was the easiest one to bring straight into my life as its not dated like a diary or doesn't require moving around of my room, I've found I've really taken to using it! If I don't write a blog inspiration down I forget it and kick myself later for not writing it somewhere when I'm trying to remember it!

    I also got a separate notebook for college to write down upcoming events, deadlines, what I need to prepare for, to do lists, inspiration and just notes!

  5. Create yourself a work space - Find somewhere you are able to work, without a distraction, with plenty of room! This can either be a desk in your bedroom or if you have a study.

    This is probably the hardest for me because I don't have the space for a desk or somewhere to keep all my stuff, I also have to share a bedroom, so there is always a distraction.

  6. make sure you keep everything in one place - this definitely links with the above one, however if you're like me and don't have the space for a dedicated working area then this is one that is best for you. Making sure everything together means you wont be looking everywhere for something and there is little chance of getting something lost; as looking for it would be delaying you and make you feel like you've been doing something for ages. That's a problem for me things get tedious after a while and I lost interest.
  7. Don't procrastinate! I, Courtney Reid, am a procrastinater and I'm making the first step and admiting I need help! I leave everything to the last minute and I can be distracted by a noise almost a mile way. A slight exaggeration but you get my gist.
  8. Set time to do your work - Set time do the work , whether its college work or blogging! This is something I've never been able to stick to, I do college work when I feel like or I'm inspired!   
  9. Use a software like Google Drive - I only recently just found out about this but from my understanding its a software you are able to access from any computer, tablet via app and you are able to save work from where ever you are onto it. So it's definitely handy for accessing any work that you may need to do from home!
  10. Schedule blog posts - Deciding what day your going to blog, what type of post you're going to be doing that day is. Remember to make it realistic or you wont stick to it! I've found that its important with a blog and is something I've really tried to stick by over the last month, it really helps to know what type of blog post your going to be doing and it gives you an idea of what you need to do!

    So you heard it hear first starting officially from the new year, although I am trying to stick to it now, my blogging schedule!

Lets hope this motivates me and helps any of you guys out? What are your organisation tips?

Courtney x