Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Animal Testing free products - part one

This post is probably not only wordy but pretty serious too, but I feel its something that needs to be addressed and to raise awareness. Although make up and beauty products has never really been my thing, animals have always been close to my heart. In fact I remember making animal based magazines and writing "articles" on animal testing and poaching, I was a serious child okay?! I guess studying animals for two years has just reinforced my love for them and the things they have to suffer for human advantage! 

Now I've heard of the obvious places like Lush and the Body shop who proudly make aware that their products are free from any animal testing along the line and actively take part in campaigning. But I think their pretty pricey and wanted to find cheaper alternatives! 

I actually searched for other blog posts for any information or recommendations for beauty products that don't test on animals and found very few, in fact searching for any information was pretty difficult anyway. So I thought I'd create a post or a few on what I was looking for after some extensive research and anything I've used in this post are from websites and I'll leave links below. 

Surprisingly, although it probably shouldn't have been, a lot of the "big" highstreet and highend brands test on animals or that their parent company does  and that a lot of my make up products are from these companies. I  even found out a few like Avon were one of the few to stop testing on animals and then started again so they could sale over in China; isn't this essentially forgetting your morals for money?!

I originally wasn't going to name and shame brands but I think it's important to be made aware of what products you may be using that is being tested on animals! Such as: 

  • Avon
  • Clinique
  • Estee Lauder
  • L'Oreal
  • Max Factor
That isn't to say that some companies haven't confirmed or deny there products aren't tested on animals, I thought I would also mention a few: 
  • Benefit
  • Christian Dior 
  • Collection 2000
  • Maybelline
My main issue with not animal tested beauty products were the price, I couldn't and cant afford to change over all my make up, no matter how little it is, to companies such as LUSH and The Body Shop, so it was important for me to find products at a much more affordable price and of good quality! So below are only a few of those that don't test on animals: 
  • Barry M
  • Burts Bees 
  • Superdrugs own brand
  • Look Beauty
  • ELF
I also discovered that some companies claim they don't test on animals but however this isn't always true and reading up on how to spot a company that is essentially lying really educated me so I thought I should share a few tips with you guys as well! Many Companies claim their product isn't tested on animals however there is never anything said about the ingredients included in it aren't as well. They claim they support the development of finding alternatives, is this distracting us from the main question?! 

For more information on more products that do and don't test here are some of the links of what I used!

Hopefully this has helped you in some way and has hopefully converted you. Yes, I am trying to convert you, think of the poor bunnies guys! Look out for a future post on make up products I  recommended, I didn't want to show you guys anything I haven't used and not give you my honest opinion. 

If you're still reading, which I hope you are, well done!  Also if anyone have products they use that they know hasn't been tested on products, let me know! email me at wondersofdreams@gmail.com with a picture of the product and a mini review and your name and blog and I'll add to the post/s to come or just comment below a recommendation that is cool too! 

I also want to highlight that I've found this information on the internet, I'm not saying that they 100% do or don't! Just what I've managed to take form these websites!

Courtney x

can you tell this is something I feel strongly about?!


  1. I agree with being careful with animal testing but I'm going to be honest here, I didn't read this post. I saw your first sentence "Seriously science have you not cloned human skin cells yet?!" and had to comment. I'm hoping you were being ironic and making a joke there! If not that's a horrible and to be quite frank, ignorant statement to make! Extremely ignorant! Science takes it's time and it's horrible when people in the media rip into scientists for not working fast enough. Us scientists could rip right back quite easily or if we stopped doing our job altogether? Everything would fall apart! Now THAT is something I feel strongly about, so much so I think you've inspired my next blog post!


    1. Oh god no, it was joke! I honestly didn't mean any offense by it and I know how much work and effort they put into their work and are doing loads of good by it. Honestly I didn't even think about it sounding like I was having a dig at scientists!