Wednesday, 13 November 2013

OOTD - but I'm a 90s kid!

I've really been into layering things at the moment, I've never really been into it before thinking more of staying warm as possible no matter what I wear! But that shall change! 

I think this outfit is channeling the 90s with a summer dress over the top of a tshirt or a crop top in this case. its definitely a not in your face look but if I just had a scrunchy, it would be spot on. 
I would usually wear my docs or converse with this, but converse do not keep you feet warm and this is my longest day at college and Comfort comes first for me!

Courtney x


  1. I love this look, you can't go wrong with layering a cute strappy dress on a bold tee.
    Looking good :)


    1. Me too I wish I'd done it in the summer!x