Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Bigblogmasproject day 3 - little tiny haul!

So I'm having a few issues with uploading a couple of posts, due to timing and admittedly forgetfulness. I'm so disorganised, I even amaze myself! I didn't want to get behind on my big blogmas project posts, so early on, I mean its the third day?! I can't honestly be that bad can I? So here is a little view of some of the things I brought today, while shopping for Christmas pressies. 

Fabric - Fabric Land, canvas & ribbon - The Range, socks & tights - Primark

The fabric, canvas and ribbon are a little clue for a couple of DIY's to come and the socks are just to be festive and warm, because your feet need to be toasty. You know what they say 'when you have toasty feet, your whole body will be toasty' . (I totally just made that up) 

wood creatures - ASDA

How totally cute are these little animals? they are in fact from the Christmas section and they are adorable and now sit with my wooden deer, I got years ago! Now have a little woodland creature family! 

Courtney x


  1. Everything looks really nice, the animals are so cute! I like the socks too, they look so warm! haha


    1. They really are, primal have such a good selection!