Sunday, 1 December 2013

holidays are coming, holidays are coming!


Could you imagine spending Christmas there?! How great would it be?!

Anyway this is officially the start of bigblogmasproject, which I am pretty excited about! You can check my previous posts about those who'll be taking part and who started it. But also check out the hash tag on twitter #bigblogmasproject to check out their posts, you know you want to. 

Really this is just a little post to say its starting, because honestly I forgot to plan this day even though I've planned all the rest, seriously who forgets to plan a post for the 1st of December?! Here I was thinking I was planned for once and really I'm not, it's not really a surprise though! 

I also wanted to mention over on my Instagram (courtneeeyjr) I'm taking part in a bloggers daily photo challenge with the hashtag #bxic if you want to check them out or even take part! 

Courtney x 

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