Tuesday, 10 December 2013

OOTD - fluffy in mom jeans

So this is a little different ootd, but I didn't want to skip a post like I did yesterday. Sunday blogging inspiration is hard to find okay!): I had to change it up because I seem to have lost my camera and this family seems to be incapable of taking a half decent photo on a phone, need a new blogging family! 

So hopefully it's not too bad! I wore a pretty simple outfit today, including both my well worn Asos fluffy jumper and Topshop mom jeans, both well loved, Ive actually paired these together before by never seemed to take a photo of my outfit. I just paired it with my vans and not  my Christmas socks my photo would have you believe and my stone necklace. Which broke literally minutes before I sat down to write this post, so annoyed, damn you fluffy jumper!

Courtney x


  1. The jumper looks comfy and I absolutely love that necklace!:)

  2. The necklace is so cute! I love it ^^

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