Sunday, 29 December 2013

Outfits of 2013!

I'm sure you know that it's coming to the end of the 2013, where has the time gone? It's been an unfortunate year full of bad news, natural disaster and illnesses but hopefully the New Year will be a lot better and we can move on past this one! 

You'll probably be seeing a similar post to this in the next week or even before now, A couple of blogs I follow have already started. But I thought I'd would just show you my OOTD of this year, so without further ado...

Looking back on these I see how little I blogged this year and although I really felt my blog came into its own these last couple of months, this makes me a little sad to see. However next year this will all change!

As you can see throughout the year I've had issues with lighting, background and quality. But this is something I'm still working on and hoping to improve! Hopefully my new camera will help make a difference! You can really tell how I've changed and how my style has throughout the year and although still similar some outfits are just not cool! 

Have you done a post like this yet? I love reading them leave a link or comment letting me know! 

Courtney x 


  1. You have an amazing fashion sense!

  2. That is the best Christmas jumper I've seen!!

    Nick | N.E. Boy

  3. Isn't it just?! I literally want to wear it all year round! :)

  4. Such lovely outfits. You really suit your glasses.

    Lindsey. x