Sunday, 29 December 2013

What I got for Christmas '13!

First off I just want too say I'm not bragging about anything got, I'm just so happy and excited about everything I got I wanted to share with you, really it's just like any other haul or as if you were my friends and I had asked you and you had asked me! What did you guys get? leave me a comment or post/video link below! I love reading or watching these on youtube so I thought I'd share with you my goodies. 

Every Christmas eve, even my Nan or my mum have brought me and my siblings a new pair of pyjamas that are wrapped and we are able to open on Christmas day; so we're able to wear them that night and open our pressies in new pyjamas. I love this tradition and I hope it never ends, even when I'm old and grey!

I opened this cute like pjs, from primark, which have cute little robins on the leg and just a jumper style top. They are super warm and cosy, although they have a hole in the crotch and thread coming off the arms, so maybe not the best quality. Either way they are super festive and Robins are just too cute to resist right?!

I've got some wonderful things that I can't wait to wear, try out and show you guys! 

Such as these clothes, you can never go wrong with clothes, I did choose all these myself and they are pieces I just couldn't pass up! Thanks Nan! I got some amazing variation in fabric, pattern and style which are me down to a T, i have in fact already posted 2 OOTD's featuring some of these items. Here and here

These were my the two things that I asked for and my main present, everything else from my mum or dad was a bonus! From my mum she got me a new camera, which is a SONY Cyber-Shot optical steady shot, there was a bit of a palava with this as my mum believes she ordered the wrong one as it doesn't do some of the things I wanted. However that doesn't mean I'm any less pleased with it the improvement in my photos alone are already so noticeable in the OOTDs and Christmas snaps I shared with you guys!

My dad got me an Ipod classic, I'm one of those who like having everything seperate, I don't want my music on my phone. So I asked for this iPod which I was sure I wasn't getting, I didn't want one of the new touch but i wanted to keep it pretty old school and this beauty is a 160GB which is amazing and i'm so happy with it can't wait to get all my music on it! He also brought me the headphones which are ATARI and they are the most comfortable headphones I've owned, yes that include you beats and they are super loud which is always a plus in my book; I'd actually rather have these over beats now! My dad was dissapointed I had not clue who or what ATARI apparently they made all those old school video games?!

This is one of my all time favourite presents that I've ever gotten! If you know me or follow me on twitter you should probably know that I am a massive fan of Harry Potter, I have read and watched the films and books countless of times, cant practically say the script for you and have a Dumbledore quote on my arm. No one has actually figured that out yet! Anyway I've gone of subject, I haven't wanted these books since I first read the Philosophers Stone way back when I was a nipper and they were mentioned and advertised in there, but I had no clue where I could get them nor did my family (nor did they really care) BUT finally i own them and I shall treasure them always. 

I've wanted to see RED since it came out, but it wasn't anyone I knew's cup of tea, hello they are spy's people?! Lilo and Stitch is one of my favourite Disney movies (if you can choose that is) and Stitch is my all time favourite character, so now owning all 3 of the movies I'll be all Lilo and stitched out! 

Mulan I have never seen and is actually the only DVD I asked for, but I love the story behind this one, I'm a bit of a feminist okay and the songs are pretty catchy. let get down to business to defeat the HUNS! So I am super excited to watch that. 

Russell Brand is my favourite comedian, so I just had to watch this one straight away and i'd definitely recommend watching it if you love him or comdeians! Every thing he says, you're actually taking in and thinking YES you are so right, solidarity sista! or something along those lines anyway. 

From left to right at the back - Beyonce Midnight heat - Lady Gaga Fame. Both these smell gorgeous, I had yet to find a scent that I loved and wanted to wear all the time, but I think I'll be using these all the time; especially Gagas. I'd also just like to point out the bottles, how amazing are they and hello black liquid?!

From left to right - Natural collection PRALINE - Avon ROARING BLUE - Natural Collection LUNAR HAZE. I'm not a massive nail varnish wearer purely because I'm so rubbish at being girly I completely fail apply it. However i did have ago the other night using Lunar Haze and Roaring blue and I think they are both lovely colours and actually work well together, I also thing the Lunar Haze might be really nice on top of a white, so I'm hoping to find to try that out! 

How cute are those Zebra glove/mittens?! I have been on the hunt for some knitted mittens this exact style, but couldn't seem to find any anywhere, which is crazy! But these are so cute I wont not be able to wear them. 

I Chose the other two pieces of jewellry, I love the moon I think its so beautiful and peaceful so I wanted a moon necklace but one I could wear with any outfit and I think this one from Waiste is perfect! 

I'd been debating with myself about getting a choker for ages, my mum told me not too and I'm not a fan of things touching my neck, it makes me feel like someones choking me, funnily enough. However I love the look of them and this one drew my eye straight away and I couldn't pass it up, so I'm excited to wear that out! 

I love bags, when I was younger every time I went shopping I came back with a new one. However now I like to think I have a little more self control! I wanted a bag that was structured, small but could fit a far amount in if needs be. So hello Zaras Mini city bag, I hope you'll be happy hear. The other one is from new look which my muv got me for Christmas which again is the perfect size, but is a lot more casual and able to be paired with anything! 

I hope you enjoyed having a little peak at some of the things I got for Christmas! I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas! Remember to leave your links below to a similar post or video! 

Courtney x 


  1. I love all the clothes and the nail varnishes :)

  2. That Zara bag is beautiful! I love their City bag collection-timeless.
    A Thing of Beauty

    1. I really love these bags at the moment, it's such good quality as well!