Wednesday, 1 January 2014

2013 highlights!

First off Happy New Year to everyone and I hope you're all not hanging too much and if you are hope last night was worth it! I hope 2014 will be even better or a good year for you all and I hope it's "your" year!

2013 has been a year of bad news and good news, good times and bad for everyone around the world. I think a situation is as good or as bad as you make it, of course bad news is going to ruin your mood and cause all sorts of worries, but how you deal with it makes the situation and year! Wise words of wisdom of Courtney Reid, well that's how I try to think anyway! 

The beginning of the year I was still studying at college in a course, I really didn't enjoy! However I cant deny I had some great times and made some Good friends, so I cant say I regret ever doing this. I just felt a career in animals was not for me and I still love animals as much as I first did probably even more. I finally finished the 2 years in June with a merit overall! 

In May I turned 18, which really didn't feel any different as I'm not a massive drinker anyway so no difference was made at all! I spent the day at Longleat (one of my favourite places) with the college and my friends and then the evening at the Smith and Western with my family and a really good steak! My kind of day! 

"Happiness can be found in the darkest of times if one remembers to turn on the light"
I finally got my first tattoo, I'd been waiting for this since I was 16 and I was so happy with the result! If you can tell me what film/book and who said it then we are book soulmates! Comment if you know! I can't wait for others that I have planned, however money is a big downer, to the disgust of my muv and family. Sorry guys, I'm not that much of a wimp as we thought! 

I went copper, this was a massive deal for me! The extent to my hair I had done was highlights to make my hair even blonder, so I threw myself into the deep end and dyed all my hair a whole new colour! Although, I'm going back blonde this year, I still love this colour but it's far to high maintenance for me. If you're blonde and you're thinking about going this colour then I'd take into consideration that the nice colour lasts for about a week and you'll be wanting to dye it often!

I joined YouTube, this was and still is super scary for me! Although I enjoy uploading videos, it really is just for hauls and tags, It's not a serious thing like my blog is, that's not saying I wont be uploading regularly! 

I went to Lanzarote with my Nan for a chilled holiday and a tour round Lanzarote, it really is a gorgeous place and was unlike any of my other holidays! I included some of my favourite photos of the holiday!

I went to Weymouth for the week, with my dad, we stayed in a very Dirty dancing esc place. 

I started a new college course, studying fashion and clothing and I love it! I have yet to come across something I haven't liked and I feel this is the career path for me. I've met some lovely people,  who understand my love of fashion and people who blog themselves; its great being able to talk about my blog to people and they understand the blogging idea! 

I got to see Jessie J, thankyou my best friend, I'm a massive Jessie J fan and she truely didn't disappoint and exceeded any expectations I had!  

Christmas was of course a highlight for me, it is in my opinion one of the best times of the year, I love the atmosphere, the family time, the food and the presents I wont lie. This year was a lot more chilled out then normal and I was not feeling my best and I didn't let it get me down! 

Hope you had a wonderful year!

Courtney x

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