Thursday, 2 January 2014

2014 - Make it "your" year!

You're probably getting sick of these new year 'resolution' posts, so hopefully you can suffer through just one more? Maybe? I actually think this kind of posts are kind of important and really interesting, not only are they a very personal post and let you get to know the 'person behind the blog' so to speak but its a set of goals that you have committed too by writing them down!

So I'm currently sat here listening to Dean Martin, I'm an old girl at heart, thinking over what my personal goals of 2014 could be! I did attempt to have 'resolutions' last year but honestly that did not work out, no surprise there though, I'd never done them before and I can see why now. So I thought maybe setting something that is achievable and personal to me and not the usual, get fit or eat more healthy. so without further ado... 

My goals of 2014: 
  1. Be more positive - I'm a pretty negative person, actually I might be queen of pessimism. 
  2. Don't let myself hold me back - The last year I felt I've really struggled with this. I've never been the most outgoing or the one who talks about feelings. Gross. But especially the last year every time I'd been invited out with friends or when I was at college, I had this horrible feeling come over me where I felt something bad was going to happen and I would find any means to get out of it. So this year I'm determined not to let this stop me from festivals, holidays or days out. 
  3. Make my own clothes - I've always wanted to be able to do this and during 2013 I dabbled in a bit of sewing and made a few things but I wont be wearing them outside any time soon. There not exactly the best work I could of done. Thankfully we do quite a bit of sewing at college so I'm always learning new skills and feel this is something I can really achieve! 
  4. Read more books - I love books and I read all the time, however I've found actual books have gone on the back burner since you can read practically anything online and for free now-a-days. That's not to say I didn't read any books in '13 but not like I used to, I wouldn't be seen without a book when I was younger! 
  5. Write more down - I've always wanted to keep a diary, but I found every time I tried, no words came to me! So I thought I'd start out little and not force myself to write, but instead to write down my thoughts when I need too. I mean I can ramble on about nothing on here sometimes and I have a little rant on another social networking site, so why should writing it down be any different?!
  6. Be more adventurous with my outfit choices - I feel this is something I have been gradual achieving every day, week, month, year. I'm a whole lot more adventurous with my clothes then I used too and I will wear whatever I like with whatever, now-a-days. However  still hold myself back from certain things, still worried about what people think of me, mainly at college and in my area. Does that sound silly?
  7. Improve my photography - Photography is part of my college course now, so that exciting, I'm learning new skills every lesson which I hope to put across into my blog as the year goes on. Hopefully there will be significant difference. 
  8. Blog more then last year - Looking back on the amount of times i blogged, I saw it was very little compared to the year before when i started my blog. I did a lot less OOTD's and had a lack of inspiration. However that is going to change this year! I hope.
  9. Keep to a blogging schedule - I've planned a blogging schedule, which I will be posting soon, which I plan to stick too and to pre-plan my posts, instead of sitting down and hoping for the best, hence a lot less posts! 
Have you guys done any goals for the new year?

Courtney x

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