Sunday, 12 January 2014

A new Sunday feature!

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Something you may or may not know about me, is that I read all the time! Books are something I love, nothing beats sitting in bed or on the sofa lost in a good book. I love Reading and I love blogging, so why not join the two. Genius. no? I really want to branch my blog into other sectors of blogging, like lifestyle and this is the perfect way to start! 

So I thought I would start doing book based posts on a Sunday, I need a catchy name that I can use so if you have any ideas let me know, in which I will maybe let you know what book I'm reading at the moment or maybe a review. I have a review coming up, that I'll probably put up next week, so look out for that! But then after that it'll be on Sundays. 

That reminds me I need to start and upload my blogging schedule!

If you have any name ideas for what to call this little series let me know in the comments!

Courtney x 

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