Friday, 17 January 2014

College week 9

Okay so admittedly I've missed out a couple of weeks and the only excuse I have is I forgot and took no photos! Terrible I know. But that means from now it's all going to start up again! 

A lot of my lessons this week have been about creating my own artist response, which is what the too left is supposed to be. I, personally, can't not laugh at it or think its terrible every time  I see, but my lecturer said it was really good, how?! 

Fashion illustration has also been a big part of this week and playing around with the different features on photoshop has been a major part of it, I have no idea what i'm doing at all, but I did like how mine came out (top right) 

In theory we've been doing a lot of analysing key piece from different eras such as the modernist movement or the Christian Diors new look of the 50s, which is leading up to us doing our own essay! In thinking of doing the rockabilly and pin up fashion of the 50s, my favourite kind of clothes!


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