Monday, 13 January 2014

My Everyday Make up!

 So here it is My everyday make up, I didn't want to show you guys a tutorial because well I'm useless at those, so I thought a photo format would be good too. I get to show you what it looks like and the products I used just as I would have if I was doing a video. 

Okay so by 'everyday' I mean when I can be bothered to do more then concealer and mascara, I'm low maintenance okay?! I can't be doing with all that fuss. Honestly I don't do much at all, I often will add a lipstick or lip tint if my lips are in good enough condition, if you like. If you get serious chapped lips I would definitely recommend the LUSH lip scrub, it smells great and really works! 

If you want to check out my reviews on the LUSH Lip scrub click here and The Colour supplement click here!

Has anyone tried the ELF eyebrow kit? What are your thoughts?

Courtney x 


  1. I love your hair by the way :) I love Lush lip scrubs! And I also use the Rimmel concealer for my natural makeup look x

  2. I love the Lush lip scrubs but I've never tried their lip tints! I love your hair too it's a gorgeous colour

    1. I really love lush beauty products and Thank you! :)x

  3. I love the Lush lip scrubs!I've accidentally ate a it and it's yummy as well. :3

  4. I'm so envious of your hair! do you colour it?