Monday, 20 January 2014

OOTD - monochrome with a splash of colour and lace!

shirt - Asda
Leather trousers - Topshop (old)
Vans - Old

I can't be the only one who struggles with naming posts, do I try to be witty, do I do a quote, it's too complicated! 

How gorgeous is this shirt by the way?! I love the monochrome pattern with the splash of colour on certain bits and the detailed lace paneling. It was love at first sight really! I would never see this on someone and think oh thats from Asda. Asda you are really uping your game recently, well done you! It's oversized so its perfect tucked in maybe a skirt, or untucked, over a pair of leather trousers like I've done here. 

I think it's an effortless chic look, perfect for any day whether you be popping to see family or you're running errands all days. I paired with my purple vans to keep it a casual look but you can easily dress it up with maybe a blazer or classic heels for an evening meal or getting together with friends! 

This is definitely an outfit I'll be wearing a lot this year, especially going into spring! 

Courtney x 

Please ignore the hair, I'm temporary until I get my fringe cut back in!


  1. What a great shirt !!!!
    Love Lucy

    1. Isn't it! it's perfect for all year round! :)x

  2. This shirt is so unique!! :o I love it Gisforgingers xx

  3. It's such a special piece. :o
    I love the vans :3

  4. AWESOME shirt!

  5. Wow, amazing shirt! Asda are doing well :)

  6. Definitely following you now, I love your style!

    Check out my new blog, I'd love to know what you think <3

    Soph x x

    1. Thank you! I'll definitely check it out!:)

  7. Outfit looks great, but I love your hair color so much!
    I'm a beginning blogger check out my blog

  8. The shirt is gorgeous! But your hair is such a beautiful colour, I love it. You could call the post printed perfection, Monochrome Madness or even A little bit of Lace. If you ever need any help, I would love to help :) Just drop a comment or email me :)

    Wanna follow each other? Let me know...