Wednesday, 15 January 2014

REVIEW- Hats off to murder - D S Nelson an Ebook

So if you saw my post on Sunday, you would know that I wanted to bring books and my blog together, hence the start of a little book series on my blog and this is the beginning of it all!

At first glance I knew this wasn't something I would choose to read, that's not to say I didn't enjoy it. It's a fantastically written novelette and is written different to any other murder story I have read! 

Without giving to much away, the story is told by someone who owns a store of hats, each new chapter is linked to a different hat and gives you another clue to the puzzle. What I liked about the story is that nothing is given away too early and you find out part of the story when He does and how he managed to piece it altogether, almost as if you were were with him at the time! 

Being only 35 pages, this is the perfect novelette to read when you are in between books or travelling a short distance on the bus! 

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I hope this wasn't too bad for my first review and did the book justice, I'm sure I'll get better at doing them the more I do, practice makes perfect right?!

Courtney x