Sunday, 2 February 2014

January favourites 2014

I've attempted to do a favorites post before, but I find I cant do it monthly because I don't really try out new things; I'm a creature of habit! But it's a new year and I've really been loving some things that I wanted to share with you guys. Without further ado have some fashion, beauty and random bits, enjoy. 


Bag - Zara, Phone Case - Primark
Yes, it's that bag again, but what a bag it is! Not only is it the perfect size, structured has separate parts and a padded one for your ipad (genius) it keeps a heap load of stuff in. More then you could ever imagine. It's my go to bag even when it doesn't go perfect for any outing. 

I felt my phone needed a new case and I saw this little cutie in Primark and for £2 how could I say no really?!

Necklace - Waiste 
This will more then likely be the necklace of the year! I'd been searching high and low for the perfect moon necklace that I could wear with practically everything and just give a little something special to any outfit. It does that trick, I've had lots of compliments on it and I can't wait to wear it more. Just what I've been looking for! 

Jumper - Topshop
It's cropped, super soft and cuddly, need I say more?!

Dress - asos
You may or may not have seen this dress in a previous outfit post. It's just been the go to dress of this month, it's just an easy smock with a bold print to throw on to make it look like instant effort when there is none at all, what's not to like?!

OOTD of the month

I don't think I've seen anyone put an OOTD in their monthly favourites, but I thought It was a nice little touch for a post that can be a little bit samey? I looked back on the OOTD's of this month and this one definitely stood out, it just sums up me in an outfit. Causal and comfy. I'll leave the link to the post if you want to check it out here!


Lady Gaga Fame, Beyonce Heat 

I got these two perfumes for Christmas and I love the smell of them both so much that I've literally been alternating days because I can't choose which one is my favourite. 

Shampoo - Asda, Clip - old

I brought baby shampoo because I was told that it would help strip the colour from my blog, I was then told it doesn't and to stick to head and shoulders. However this makes my hair feel so soft that I don't ever want to part from it and I will continue to use it, also I really like the smell. 

I put the clip in because the last week or two, I've just been throwing my hair up in it to keep out my face and it just creates a quick laid back look and its lot quicker then putting it in a hair bobble, lazy or what?!

other things

fairy lights - The range

These are just a few random bits and bobs in my room that I got this month, that I was super excited about. I'm easily pleased. 

The first ones being fairy lights, I've wanted fairylights in my room for soooo long and I've finally got a bed that allows me to have them. We're going for a shabby chic look and I thought these little lantern balls, were to cute to pass and they make pretty pattern on the wall when the lights are on. 

The Bird cage being another thing I've wanted for ages, I just love the look about them and I think they're super cute. Obviously a candle should be in the middle, but apparently that wasn't an option (I blame sharing with my sister) so I placed my little buddha inside for safe keeping. 


I'm a naturally cold person so if there is something out there that is going to keep me warm and be cute and snuggly then I am all for it! This caught my eye in Primark and I couldn't pass it up, many a nights me and my elephants have cosied up on the sofa watching TV.


I've been eating these like they're going out of fashion, I'm a pretty fussy eater so when I find something I like i eat loads of it until I can bare it no more. Except chips I love chips. However for now I see a happy relationship for me and golden wanders in the future. yummm.



Alongside the usual Elvis Presley and Jake Bugg, I've been really listening to Haim and I finally went and brought their album the other day. It's fantastic and you should definitely check it out! 

Courtney x


  1. The phone case is adorable and the flowery dress is just gorgeous. :3xx

  2. I love your bag! I've just bought a bag from Zara and I love it but it's just black, I love the colour of yours!

  3. I love your bag!

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  5. Love that asos dress lil lady.


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