Sunday, 2 February 2014

Klorane Nettle shampoo Review


When I received this in the post, I realised I was in a bit of a dilemma. I'm currently trying to get back to blonde which means washing my hair as often as I can so the auburn is faded enough I can start the process, so the option of washing my hair less was not the most appealing. (although any other time I would have snatched it out your hand) However for the greatness of my blog I sucked it up and thought i'd tried it out for all you guys who feel the same hair washing pain I do! 

Klorane uses plant extracts that are both safe and effective to create products that help your hair in different ways. This nettle shampoo is supposed to balance out the oil in your hair and prevents if from becoming to greasy too quickly, meaning less hair washes. This particular shampoo for a 200ml bottle is priced at £5.10 on Escentual.

I have to wash my hair every other day without fail, the 3rd day its to greasy to even put it up and having a fringe doesn't always help. I'd probably wash it everyday if I knew it wasn't actually that healthy for you hair. 

I had to use more of the product to get it to lather, then I would having using my usual shampoo, I think that may be because had quite a watery consistency to it. The smell, I don't really no how to explain, it wasn't a horrible smell but it was nothing compared to a coconut smelling one, which is no surprise. It wasn't a smell that put me off using it basically. 

Once it was dry, it left my hair shiny and soft. I washed it on the Monday and honestly I still washed it Wednesday morning before college like I normally would have and I couldn't get away with not. However on Tuesday my hair was still feeling clean and I was able to wear it down, I'd normally wear it up somehow or it starts feeling horrible the same day. The results were the same the other times I've used it and I will continue to use it as it does make my hair feel lovely and that extra day of good hair was great! It definitely did what it said "prevents hair from becoming greasy too quickly" it would. 

I'd definitely recommend this product, it might work better for you, or check out some of their other products. Which I'm definitely going too!

Courtney x

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