Sunday, 2 February 2014

What I'm currently reading:

The Moaning of Life - Karl Pilkington

So this is my first post of what is hopefully a Sunday thing, although I did post that post 2 Sundays ago now. oops sorry. I still need a quirky name for  this series, hmm. 

I brought this book with a voucher I got for Christmas, I find Karl Pilkington hilarious and I think we'd get a long great. So I picked up his newest book on his newest series 'The Moaning of life' and have slowly been reading it. 

You see me and biography type books just don't mesh well as I do with a good thriller. I think this might be the slowest time it's took me to read about. I'm one of those who starts reading and wont eat, sleep or talk until I've finished it, often resulting in finishing the same day. I just can't help it, it's a problem! Hello my name is Courtney and I read my books to fast without savoring them. 

That all said that doesn't mean I'm not enjoying it, he's hilarious and I definitely need to check out this show. 

Courtney x


  1. I keep meaning to buy this, I absolutely love Karl Pilkington!
    The show is amazing, but I still prefer An Idiot Abroad! :D

    Michelle | Satchels + Pearls