Wednesday, 19 March 2014

My shopping on Ebay tips!

Most of my wardrobe and best bargains are from Ebay, I got a leather satchel for half the price of one of the Cambridge ones.  I'm not saying in any way I'm an expert when browsing Ebay but I have picked up the odd thing or two on the way. 

As a rule I only search the 'Buy It Now' section purely because I don't have the patience for bidding and wouldn't know when to stop, seeing as really it's just typing in numbers in a little box. Who knows what I'd end up spending?! 

My top bits of advice is Remember: 

  1. To check out the seller, look at their feedback and percentage. I never buy anything from someone with under 78% this percentage depends on the feedback giving by buyers.
  2. If you search something and a lot of the same image comes up from different sellers, this is usually the case from shops in China, remember that it might not look exactly how the picture portrays it; it could be a different colour or look different.
  3. Paypal! Ebay uses Paypal to keep your card details safe, I never buy from websites if they don't have Paypal, its a lot safer way to buy things online and keeps you protected!
  4. To keep in mind that the quality may not be what you expect, this is something you take into account shopping online anyway, you don't know until you've seen it!
  5. To make sure you can return and the amount of time you have to return it, there is nothing worse or more annoying then buying something you hate or that doesn't fit and you can't send it and get your money back. 
Hope this has helped even just a little! 


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