Saturday, 8 March 2014

Update in photos!

So you've probably heard by now I have no Internet at home and its made regular blogging pretty hard. Although I have managed to get a few up but not my usual OOTDs which is what my blog is really all about. 

Also I'm having pretty negative thoughts about my blog and I'm not sure whether to take a break or stop completely. I just feel its not going anywhere and I've been doing it two years in August! I'm just having a lack of inspiration for my blog and clothes. 

But I love blogging so I'm going to carry on for a couple of weeks give my blog a little makeover and if I still feel like this i'll take a break until I feel better about it! 

Anyway I thought I'd show you the last couple of weeks in pictures, what I've been getting up to etc! 

Hope you're having a good weekend! 

Courtney x


  1. it's hard to get followers,especially since there is SO many blogs out there.You might feel better about the entire blogging thing if you give your blog a makeover!That's what helped me at least.I'd hate it if you would stop,I love your blog. xx

    1. That's true is just frustrating at time! Ahh thank you!xx