Sunday, 6 April 2014

Review - Avene Hydrating serum

Now to be honest with you I had no idea what hydrating serum actually was, but my skin is one of those things I'm always looking to improve. So after a little research I thought why not and gave it a go!

Hydrating serum is used after a cleanser and before moisturising, I used the Avene extremely gentle cleanser (in the photo below), because my skin breaks out with anything and this seems to actually get on with my skin for a bit. 

Another confession is I'm rubbish with routine, I have yet to stick a daily face routine with switching to face wipes, far more often then I should, because honestly there quick and I'm lazy! 

So giving it my best I used this almost everyday with a little sample moisturiser I got from Escentual. ANYWAY, getting back on track, I really liked this product! I really liked the packaging, I think it looks like an expensive product but really its affordable. You need the tiniest bit to cover all your face, I've hardly touched the surface of it! After using it my skin is a lot clearer, softer and less redness, its definitely made a difference.  Reading other reviews I'm convinced that if used regularly this would become an essential in mine and everyone else's daily face routine and if given the chance you should definitely order online or pick this up!

While your still here check out Escentual they have some wonderful products!
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  1. I use this serum myself. Usually in my night time skin routine, I do find its very caring for the skin and most definitely hydrating without leaving the skin sticky!

    Love the blog! I've followed you!

    Kate @ Beautiboe xx