Thursday, 15 May 2014

OOTD - We Will Rock You!

Crop - Missguided x Nicole Sherzinger 
Jeans - Topshop
Socks - Primark 
Shoes - Ebay 

So yesterday I went to watch We Will Rock You for the first and more then likely last time as it stops showing after 12 years on the 31st of May! I wanted to wear something comfortable for walking around the streets of London and sitting in the theatre; but was also a little dressy. I new this top was perfect and I finally got to wear it out because we had both sun and heat, shocker!! These shoes were actually super comfy and only started hurting as we got to the theatre about and they were an Ebay bargain what's not to like?!

We Will Rock You was amazing and I'm pretty gutted I won't be able to watch it again, its definitely up there in my Top 3 alongside Dirty Dancing and Chicago. If you don't know its a musical containing only Queen songs, which is a reason to go see it in itself, no?
It's set in the future when Rock and Roll has died and we now live on the Iplanet where people are encouraged to stay in and music is made on the computer and it all started because of Auto tuning, is this sounding a little familiar?! Are we going to be the start of the death of Rock and Roll? Yeah probably! It's based about a group of Bohemians rebelling and looking to bring Rock and Roll back! Also it contains a whole lot of hip thrusting and gyrating oh and you never thought you'd love Britney Spears so much! 

If you get the opportunity before the 31st of May then do so!!



  1. Always heard good things about 'we will rock you', have to go and watch myself at some point! Love this outfit, especially the mesh detail on the sleeves.

    // xx

    1. It is amazing! Thankyou they're what drew me to the top, perfect for summer! x

  2. I love your blog Courtney - just followed! ♥
    Would love if you checked out mine sometime too so we can stay in touch!


    1. Thankyou! Yeah I'll definitely check it out! :)x

  3. you are absolutely gorgeous and this outfit is simply adorable and looks so good on you :)
    officially following you gfc #92.
    Hope you can check out my blog and possibly add me as well gorgeous.

    1. aww thankyou! I'll definitely check your blog out! :) x