Thursday, 26 June 2014

Summer starts now

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If you've followed my blog for a while you'd probably know that I started another college course, last September, studying Fashion and Clothing today I finally the first year. Thank God! so I thought why not share my expert knowledge of college after being their 3 years now and share the wisdom I've learnt on the way! 

  1. You don't have to stick out a course you don't like for the full length of time! I stuck out a course I hated for two years because I didn't want to quit and feel like a failure. I met some of my closest friends on that course, why would I want to leave them? Although I have a full course grade under my belt, I'll probably never use it again. 
  2. First day? It's really wont be that bad! My first day I literally thought I was going to be sick if I opened my mouth, meeting new people is one of my ideas of hell! But throughout the year I came to the conclusion we had all felt the same, I was worrying for nothing.
  3. Get Organised I never learn, organisation was my problem on my last course and it still is now. Have separate notebooks: for to do lists, a diary, college notes. Use your phone reminders and calendars, they'll be a god send when you get to your final hand in. 
  4. Stay on top of you work even if you hate that particular part This links in to the organisation one, it's the most obvious but once you get comfortable in a class you kind of start slacking (well I do) Coming to the end of this year I was cursing myself for leaving those easy little bits and not doing it at the time or on the way till the last minute, causing me to get a lower grade then I would have liked. My own fault.
  5. Don't let THOSE girls get you down Particularly in an all girls class, you're going to get those girls, those horrible bitchy girls that go quiet when you walk in and sit there trying to whisper there 'opinions' on you and everyone around them. Ignore them, they might make you feel uncomfortable but at the end of the day they're no ones. 
I hope this has helped all you starting college in September and here's to lounging about enjoying the Summer! 


Wednesday, 25 June 2014

OOTD - Am I a model?!

Fedora - Asos, Sunglasses - opticians, Playsuit - sample sale, Jelly shoes - Asos

So for Photography at college we're doing part of it on street photography and we had to have a go ourselves using a disposable camera, which ties into another part of the project. I made my sister be my model, dressed her up for summer and made her do ridicules poses for me. I took this as an opportunity to take blog photos outside in a secluded area, if you know me then you've seen me in front of a camera when other people are around, a disaster! The things I do for college, aye?! 

Here are some photos from the disposable and the other camera/phone I had in my bag! 

Ps. I think this was the longest me and my sister were civil towards each other for. Shock.


Tuesday, 17 June 2014

OOTD - Grey summers

Dress - Minkpink via Asos

First I want to apologise for the photo quality, it was done on my iPhone and I never said that my family were photographers; you should of seen the other ones! Anyway I really love this dress its a Minkpink one from last years collection, I think. You know you have those dresses that you love and is a feel good one, this is one of those! Although I'm pretty sure its shrunk because I don't remember it being this short when I last put it on, lets just say lifting my arms up higher then my chest is a BIG no no! 

By the way I've been featured on You Wish You's blog in her style series, you should go check that out and maybe give her a follow!

Summer Essentials

Bag - New Look / Tangle Teezer - Sallys / Fedora - Asos / Nivea Handcream / iPod Classic / Shoes - Topshop (old) / Instax 7 - Ebay  

Bag - That's pretty self explanatory no? White and backpacks are massive this summer, this one caught my eye and for only £20 you can hardly go wrong! I love structured bags and this is going to be perfect for my holiday this year! 
Tangle Teezer - I don't leave my house without it and well who wants knotty hair?! 
Fedora - Fedoras were a big hit this autumn/winter and carried on right into spring and I'm sure into summer. I think its going to be perfect for me this summer, who knows maybe next year I'll upgrade to a floppy hat! 
Nivea Handcream - This is definitely a personal choice, my elbows have gotten really dry recently and this has been a life saver. 
Lipstick - Lipstick is massive on the blogger front, I've gone for summery shades this year with a light dusty pink and an orange when I feel daring! 
iPod - You need a summer soundtrack, at the moment I've been really loving Paloma Faiths new album, so definitely go check that out!
Comfy shoes - Now I don't know about you but in the summer (and most of my life) I gravitate towards comfy shoes and these Topshop peep toes were my go to shoe last year and definitely this year; they are one of the comfiest shoes I own!
Camera - Make memories and a polaroid camera is perfect for that, they also come in some really summery pastals, perfect no?! 


Thursday, 5 June 2014

Wish List #1

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Since Summer and festival season is coming up, I thought I'd show you a few of the things I currently have bookmarked, all these are perfect for this time of year!


Tuesday, 3 June 2014

What I'd wear to a festival

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So it's soon the start of the festival season, after all the talk of what my friend Charlie was going to take, I was inspired! So I thought I'd give you an insight in one one of the outfits that I would wear if I was lucky enough to go. 

This type of outfit is ideal, keeping my top and shorts pretty basic although not completely boring with the shredded shorts or the cut out detail on top allows me to layer as much as I want if need be and add pattern. I thought this Kimono was perfect, I love the mandala type print. I added the tribal necklace because it adds a little something to the outfit and I think its goes perfectly with the kimono print, I paired this with a pair of hunters (everyone needs wellies) and a belt bag, I'm not keen on the bum bag trend and thought this was a good alternative!

Are you guys going to any festivals this year?