Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Summer Essentials

Bag - New Look / Tangle Teezer - Sallys / Fedora - Asos / Nivea Handcream / iPod Classic / Shoes - Topshop (old) / Instax 7 - Ebay  

Bag - That's pretty self explanatory no? White and backpacks are massive this summer, this one caught my eye and for only £20 you can hardly go wrong! I love structured bags and this is going to be perfect for my holiday this year! 
Tangle Teezer - I don't leave my house without it and well who wants knotty hair?! 
Fedora - Fedoras were a big hit this autumn/winter and carried on right into spring and I'm sure into summer. I think its going to be perfect for me this summer, who knows maybe next year I'll upgrade to a floppy hat! 
Nivea Handcream - This is definitely a personal choice, my elbows have gotten really dry recently and this has been a life saver. 
Lipstick - Lipstick is massive on the blogger front, I've gone for summery shades this year with a light dusty pink and an orange when I feel daring! 
iPod - You need a summer soundtrack, at the moment I've been really loving Paloma Faiths new album, so definitely go check that out!
Comfy shoes - Now I don't know about you but in the summer (and most of my life) I gravitate towards comfy shoes and these Topshop peep toes were my go to shoe last year and definitely this year; they are one of the comfiest shoes I own!
Camera - Make memories and a polaroid camera is perfect for that, they also come in some really summery pastals, perfect no?! 



  1. That camera looks so cool! I must get one :)

    1. I really like it, however the film is pretty expensive, so just bare that in mind if you do buy one! :)x