Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Body Confidence

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I've seen quite a few posts and videos recently about being confident and after readings Megan from Wonderful You post and being in awe of the confidence and courage she showed putting up tasteful naked photos up on her up on her blog, I was inspired to write a post of my own. No naked photos here sorry folks. 

I think a common assumption around blogging is that these people who post photos of themselves must be vain and overconfident, but actually that's not always the case; a few posts I've seen are proof enough. 

I think I briefly touched on my confidence in a pretty personal post that I did a little while back, but I feel especially at this moment in my life that I could benefit from writing this post and its important to get these types of posts out there in the world. 

I've never been the most confident person, I've always been shy and then over the years I've seemed to get a little worse in social situations. Leaving school and being at college and making some really wonderful friends, I've become a lot more confident in different aspects of my life. I care less of what other people are thinking of me, I'm not here to please people who I don't like or those who don't like me. But that's doesn't mean I still don't choose clothes that would completely make me stand out at college, for some reason I'm a lot more confident around older people and not those my age. Probably because I know how horrible teenagers can be. 

But especially at the moment in my life my body confidence is not at its highest, I feel like I don't look how I want and that are parts of my body that I'd really like to change. I've seemed to have taken to wearing looser clothing and higher necklines as this is what I just feel a lot more confident in, I know one reason are because of my chest area which is not as small as I would like and drew some unwanted attention when I was at school; which probably plays a big part in not wanting to draw particular attention to myself. 

But then some of my other hangs up I know I can work on myself, I don't want to loose weight as such but I'd like to tone up. But for someone who detests exercise I'm working my way to that. My skin I can help improve by changing parts of my diet. But those are things I want to work on for me and not other people! 

When I was looking for a photo to accompany this post in Google Images, I came across the one that I've used and I know these are things that I can and others can do to help them love themselves; because really as long as your happy with how you look who cares what everyone else thinks?!

Ps. If you read this all, well done!


  1. I know exactly how you feel love. My body shape has changed which I'm cool with, I just don't know what clothes I look good in and that affects my confidence. I feel like women are expected to be sexy and beautiful and I'm a little bit awkward and goofy, my smile is a bit too big for my face. But I guess it makes me me :)
    amber love

    1. I'm glad you feel good about yourself and clothing its all trial and error I think! :)

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  3. Just stumbled upon this post and I really like it! It was very honest yet concise, I totally feel ya, I lost 22 pounds in 3 months and weight loss has been my number one esteem booster, I can't wait for you to start documenting your "toning" on the blog because that's something I would love to see, also eating healthier helped a lot :D that image was very helpful, thanks for sharing


    1. Well done! I never thought about doing that, but I shall (if I ever get round to it) I'm glad you liked it!x

  4. I completely agree with you. I recently wrote a post on confidence as I've had quite the knock to it and was feeling really down.

    I definitely think more of these posts need to be put out there to help people with low self esteem and confidence, reading them is really helping me!


    Lauren xxx

    1. I think writing about it kind of helps as well! Me too it helps knowing others feel exactly the same and how they've made themselves feel better!

      Courtney xx