Thursday, 17 July 2014

Disney Inspired #3

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This post as you can see is obviously inspired by Brave, this is one of my favourite Disney films to watch there is no helpless female needing rescuing here! I kept the outfit quite basic which can be easily worn day or night. I kept with the blue and gold theme, to keep it with Brave but alot more wearable then a cape and a bow and arrow on your back! 



  1. I don't usually like 'inspired by' posts by I had to click on this one! That dress is stunning :) and if only I had hair like, err I can't remember her name but ya know! My hair is so flat I wish I could have even half of her volume! x
    amber love

  2. Love this post! Those shoes are gorgeous :) x

  3. I have a Princess Merida costume which I actually love!! This bracket would go perfectly too Gisforgingers xx