Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Surviving a desert island...

This post has been inspired over Bear Grylls island survival experiment that's been on TV over the last couple of weeks! I'm a massive fan of Bear Grylls and this was right up my street! Was I horrified about the animals being killed? YES Would I have survive? OBVIOUSLY (not) it's one of those things where I like to think I'd have been good at. 

Which got me thinking what would I want to take on a dessert island I had to survive on? So I thought I'd conjure up a list of 5 things that I'd want to take with me, obviously some fashion inspired!

Okay so I may have cheated and included my travelling outfit as one, does this make me a bad person? Hey I made it up its fine right? Anyway I really thought about my choices of clothing I would wear and the items I'd bring along with me, like I've had this in drafts for a couple of weeks now and I've deliberated it when I was in class (probably procrastinating) at home, anywhere really. 

ANYWAY my first choice artical of clothing was lightweight playsuit, If I'm on a desert island its going to be hot and I really do not want to be uncomfortably hot. A Playsuit is the perfect piece to look together with minimal effort and is any warm weather destination essential, its light, airy and comfortable what more could you need?! I added the blanket scarf as it'll be multifunctional piece, an added comfort bonus? a headscarf? a blancket? Perfect for being on a desert island no? The shoes I just wanted to give a little variety, the boots would be too hot but they'd definitely be a practical choice if your gallivanting around the island collecting wood and finding food. The Sliders I cant stand but everyone has them and claim they are gods gift to feet comfort wise, so to add a little summer luxery they could be another option. 

Here's the even more well thought of stuff. A tent, why? I need shelter from sun, rain and somewhere half comfortable to sleep to get rids of those pesky bugs and safe from critters on the floor. Also its solar panelled (amazing right?!) so if needs be you can charge electrical goods in this case it would be my iPod, I cant live without music and if I'm on my own the silence would drive me crazy and hello this would be the release of my inner Beyonce. No hiding that talent. An army swiss knife because its has loads of gadgets that could be useful at any point in my survival and a thermal cup because if I want hot or cold drinks I want them to stay that way for as long as possible! 

I'd love if you guys wanted to do the same thing or similar send me your links!



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  1. cute playsuit!