Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Disney inspired #4


 So I finally got around to watching Maleficent and how amazing is it?! I'm becoming obsessed which is what inspired this post. But first can we take a minute to appreciate and admire those cheek bones. 

Like always I take inspiration from certain characters, in this case Maleficent duh?! I kept my outfit all black except for the bold lip like she does. In the end I went for a Jumpsuit that had this ruffle detailing on the shoulders, I thought this replicated those giant neck things subtlety.  I added a couple of rings, the stone because they're both spiritual and magical and this bird head ring because of the Crow/man that accompanies her through her dark phase. Also the headscarf instead of giant horns as it can be worn hair up or down depending how you feel! 

Have you seen Maleficent? What did you think? 


Tuesday, 26 August 2014

OOTD - Autumn sunflowers

Jeans - Topshop / Top - Sheinside / hat - asos / jacket - Miss Selfridge (old)

These are my favourite jeans they have taken the Joni jean place, they're super comfy, high waisted flattering and they have a ripped knee. I think these are the jamie but don't qoute me on that. 

As we all know England has taken a turn for the cold but I'm not ready to give up my summer clothes and honestly I cannot dress for sudden temperature change. So I paired it with this sunflower crop because its super comfy and bright and I don't want to be stuck in those winter colours just yet, I want it to be warm again. The ripped jeans, docs and fedora give it a slightly grungy vibe which I kinda of love at the moment. 


Thursday, 21 August 2014

OOTD - Day 4

Two Piece - Laura Ralph Designs 
I have been dying to share this two piece with you on my blog, if you follow me on Instagram you may have got a look at it already. But I have been saving it for my holiday since I got it a couple of months back now, I think. It's such a statement pattern and the fact that only a few have been made in this fabric which is from Nigeria, really makes it special. You know its very unlikely you'll walk past someone wearing the same thing! 

I'm always wary buying hand made clothing online after a bad experience I had before, but this is made excellently and fits perfectly. One of my best buys this year. I only wish we had better weather here in England so I could wear it a lot more often! 

I chose to wear this for exploring it what we thought was old Benidorm but actually I'm not so sure. We kind of just followed this other English family! But I wanted to share a few pictures of Benidorm which is actually very beautiful! 


Wednesday, 20 August 2014

My pool side essentials!

Headphones - Primark / Bikini - Asos / iPod Classic / Book - Asda / Raybans - Opticians / Hat - Accessorize / Bag - Primark
Here are the things I found myself carrying around on me throughout the day when chilling by the pool. I'm definitely one of those who carries everything around with me and it's all pretty self explanatory.  Obviously I wore a bikini, this is a high waisted one I got from Asos last year and its one of my favourites. A book or magazine is an essential isn't it? you need something to occupy your time which also includes the iPod. Album to listen to is Jake Bugg Shangri la it is pretty amazing, if you don't listen to Jake Bugg already get on it ASAP! 


Tuesday, 19 August 2014

OOTD - Day 3

Dress - Primark / Bag - Primark / JuJu Jellys - Asos

Okay so technically I'm cheating and this is an evening outfit but my days literally consisted of the same thing shorts and a vest top, not as fab as you think!  

This dress was a pretty good Primark buy its an almost scuba like material, very flattering and perfect for all year round. I paired it with my jelly shoes and this pastel bag to add a pop of colour to an all black and white outfit. Unfortunately I didn't get a photo of my hair, which once again my little sister did, it would have definitely have been Pinterest worthy! 


OOTD - Day 2

Floppy Hat - Accessorize / Dress - Asda / Belt - Asos / Shoes - Topshop (old)
This is another outfit for lounging around the pool, I love the look of this dress when its with a belt on its own its a bit frumpy. It's amazing what a simple belt can do to an outfit. I brought this hat in the Duty free after deciding not to take my Fedora with me on holiday, it was perfect for the hot weather and kept the sun right of my face. I also felt a bit 50's and Bridget Bardot in it, all fancy and that. 


OOTD - Night 2

Two Piece - SheInside / Shoes - Ebay
This may be one of my biggest bargains of the year, the two of these came to only £20 with looking at the average price of two pieces these days is practically free! It's also pretty spot on to that AA one. I simply paired it with my shoes and let the rest of the outfit do the talking as its such a bold print and a two piece I kept everything else very minimal. I also had to get my little sister to do my hair, as I'm rubbish at all things girly and my sister is a whiz and plaits! 

Shorts - DIY / Jelly Shoes - Ebay / Top - not sure

Thursday, 14 August 2014

OOTD - Night 1

Top - Forever 21 - Shorts - Asos - Vans - Schuh 
This is one of my favourites of the week and I've been dying to wear these shorts since I got them a couple of weeks ago. I saw them in the Asos magazine and stalked them down until they came onto the website and they're as amazing as I thought they would be. As they are such a statement short I wanted to keep the rest of the outfit simple and have the shorts do all the talking. I had the top be more tight fitting to balance out the shorts and plain so it wouldn't be too overpowering! 

This is Molly my sister who is obsessed with YouTube videos and wanted to be featured on my blog so here is her debut. For someone so young she has a pretty fab style of her own already, her dress is from Primark in the sale and covered in sweets her favourite thing!


Wednesday, 13 August 2014

OOTD - Day 1

Vest top - H&M - Shorts - Topshop - Vans - Schuh 
So this outfit is very simple which my holiday outfits tend to be, I want minimal fuss and I want to be as cool as possible. This outfit was for just lounging around the pool, easy to get in and out of if I chose to get in the pool, it was minimal and lightweight perfect no?


Tuesday, 12 August 2014

OOTD - My travel outfit

Top - H&M (old) Trousers - Asos
First I want to apologise for the photo taking I didn't have anyone to do it and I decided to leave my tripod at home, this is a common theme throughout my holiday OOTD so I hope it wont bother you too much and you'll still enjoy! 

So to be truthful I took this photo on the way home but it was the same outfit that I wore there, I know you've all done it too! When I travel I want to be as comfortable as possible and wear something appropriate for chilly and hot weather, also I want to wear something that wont trigger the airport alarms. I keep my hair and accessories to the bare minimum so there is little fuss and maximum comfort. This was the closest I could get to my pyjamas while looking put together! 


Thursday, 7 August 2014

What's in my carry on bag?!

Bag - New Look Asos - Books/Magazine - Asda - Case - Primark - Passport holder - Asos* - Headphones - Primark - Raybans - Opticions - Purse - Ebay - Phone Case - Primark
I'm back! If you saw my previous post or follow my instagram and twitter you'll probably know I've been on holiday in Benidorm for a week with my family. I took this is a prime opportunity to do a holiday series on my blog and mix up my content a little and maybe give you ideas about what to take and wear when on holiday too!  

I chose to take a backpack because its easy to carry round and well they're bang on trend at the moment and this New Look one was perfect, it was surprisingly spacious and fitted loads in! I always keep my valuables on me in fear of them getting broken or stolen etc and my phone, ipod and camera are normally with me all the time anyway. I just feel safer knowing they are with me!

I hope this helps you out a little!