Thursday, 21 August 2014

OOTD - Day 4

Two Piece - Laura Ralph Designs 
I have been dying to share this two piece with you on my blog, if you follow me on Instagram you may have got a look at it already. But I have been saving it for my holiday since I got it a couple of months back now, I think. It's such a statement pattern and the fact that only a few have been made in this fabric which is from Nigeria, really makes it special. You know its very unlikely you'll walk past someone wearing the same thing! 

I'm always wary buying hand made clothing online after a bad experience I had before, but this is made excellently and fits perfectly. One of my best buys this year. I only wish we had better weather here in England so I could wear it a lot more often! 

I chose to wear this for exploring it what we thought was old Benidorm but actually I'm not so sure. We kind of just followed this other English family! But I wanted to share a few pictures of Benidorm which is actually very beautiful! 



  1. amei o conjuntinho!!


  2. Hey,
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