Tuesday, 12 August 2014

OOTD - My travel outfit

Top - H&M (old) Trousers - Asos
First I want to apologise for the photo taking I didn't have anyone to do it and I decided to leave my tripod at home, this is a common theme throughout my holiday OOTD so I hope it wont bother you too much and you'll still enjoy! 

So to be truthful I took this photo on the way home but it was the same outfit that I wore there, I know you've all done it too! When I travel I want to be as comfortable as possible and wear something appropriate for chilly and hot weather, also I want to wear something that wont trigger the airport alarms. I keep my hair and accessories to the bare minimum so there is little fuss and maximum comfort. This was the closest I could get to my pyjamas while looking put together!